How to make email links open in Outlook and not in Mail on OSX?

When I forward an email to OmniFocus Inbox I get a nice link in the Note part of the new task.
That is excellent, except that when I click on it, it opens the email in Mail and not in Outlook, which is the client I used to forward the email in the first place.
Obviously, I already have Outlook as default mail app in the MAC MAIL app, and that works well when calling email from other apps.

Is there any way around this within OmniFocus? I don’t want to use third-party automation macros or stuff like that.
Perhaps the link generated can be modified to get directed to Outlook instead go Mail?

Many thanks!

Pull down the “ Mail ” menu and choose “Preferences” Go to the “General” tab. Look for “Default electronic mail reader” and click on at the menu to tug down different mail app options – if the mail app you need to apply is no longer shown in this listing pick out “Select” to browse the /Applications/ folder and choose one manually.

I have done that, already. Outlook is already my default email client.
The point is that in OSX for some reason (a bug?) the link generated from Outlook still brings you back to Mail.
That is what prevents OF3 to have a true Outlook link in its forwarded tasks.

Anybody else can help, please?

Not a direct answer to your question, but there are email apps with direct integrations to OF. I use Spark, which allows you to put an email directly into OF, and includes links back to the email in Spark. It works across iOS and Mac too, so you can do it from any device.

Have you tried using Keyboard Maestro to open such a link in Outlook from omnifocus?

I think there is no native way to do what you want – which is something I want to do too. It’s my chief annoyance with Outlook on the Mac.

As a workaround, I’ve installed Hook which is sadly Mac-only, which means it doesn’t help when forwarding email from an iPhone or iPad.

I would love to be proven wrong here. If there is some native way to link to Outlook messages from OmniFocus, I’d love to find it.

just thinking: would an url scheme link work from macos?

I don’t think Outlook supports URL schemes, on either the Mac or iOS.

I have searched extensively for a solution to just this problem, and found not much help. Best I can come up with is this Mac script:

Which I run as an Alfred workflow. Then I invoke Hook and manually cut-and-paste in a link to the Outlook mail. And the result only works on my Mac – if I’m reading the email on my phone, usually I just flag it and get to it when I’m at my Mac.

As I said, I’d love to find an answer to this question, but this is my workaround.

This was the solution I came up with using a modified version of the script above. Add it to the services menu and you can assign a hot key.

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