How to mark the last read post?

The old Forum would keep track of what the last post you read was, so the next time you accessed the Forum, it was clear where to start reading.

In this new Discourse forum, it will show us what we’ve read in threads we’re tracking, but for those of us who like to see new topics, there’s no way to tell where the “old” new topics ended - i.e., the last ones I read that I’m not tracking - and where the “new” new topics - i.e., the ones I haven’t yet read - begin.

Or am I missing something?

I use the New tab for this:

I think this appears on the Discourse home page and a couple other tab landing pages, but not in individual topic threads. Try clicking on the Omni logo in the upper corner, then looking for New.

If that doesn’t get you the behavior you expect, also take a look at your profile preferences. There’s a toggle for “Consider topics new when…” that I have set to “when you haven’t viewed them yet.” Combined with the “Dismiss New” button at the bottom of the New tab, I can pretty easily read or ignore every thread that comes across the forums.

Does that help?

Hi Teki,

I think the “New” tab shows us new topics … I’m trying to see just those new postings since I last logged onto the site.

Ah, I see. I’m able to use the New tab this way because I explicitly dismiss all new topics before leaving the site; I’m not sure if there’s an automatic way of having this done or a functional equivalent. (If you find one, I’d love to know!)

Yeah, the problem is if I want to see only new postings under OmniFocus, I go to the OmniFocus page, look at the far-right activity column to see when the latest postings were posted, and ask myself “Has it been 3 hours since I’ve been on, or 4 hours?”

The previous forum did it for us. We could just set it to mark all posts as “read” when we exit the forum. This ought to be possible here, wouldn’t you think?