How to merge rows

Using OO on iPad, given two rows like this:

  • foo
  • bar

How do I merge them into a single row:

  • foo bar

Ideally, I want a keyboard shortcut to do this — a reverse operation for what command-control-return does.

I’d use a macro app, like Keyboard Maestro. You can assign all this to one keystroke (or keystroke combination):

Cut the text: “bar”
Move the cursor to the end of the “Foo” line
Paste “bar”

Sorry - just realized you specified iPad for this. Until someone comes out with a macro app for iOS, I don’t think this can be done. However, now that the new iPad pro and Magic Keyboard have keyboard and trackpad support, that might now be possible.

I’m also looking for a solution, but for the Mac version.

I’d like to be able to select a number of rows and have them all merge into one row. In an effort to make that happen, I’ve created a Keybord Maestro macro that merges the currently selected line with the one above, but that’s the extent of my skills.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to create an automation that merges several selected rows in to one?

There is an odd way to do it, not really automated and not always working, but still rather convenient when it works. It might be what you already have tried with Keyboard Maestro, I’m not sure. If you place the cursor in the beginning of a row, you could press ctrl-backspace to merge the row with the one above. The convenient part is that you could keep pressing ctrl-backspace to merge with more rows above. It only works as long as long as the lower row doesn’t contain a note, though.

This should probably be asked as its own question in the Mac forum (as some readers won’t necessarily look at a post in the iOS forum).

And a question… I tried the ‘ctrl-backspace’ mentioned by Jan_H, which works but it doesn’t separate the words where the two lines are merged (e.g. if the two rows’ topics were ‘One’ and ‘Two’, the merged row would be ‘OneTwo’. It would be great if it would add a space between the merged topics). What would your solution look like in that respect?

I made a Keyboard Maestro macro that cuts the text from a line, then moves the cursor to the end of the previous item, inserts a space and pastes. It can be repeated until all the lines are merged. (Begin by placing cursor anywhere in the line you want moved up, then invoke macro.)

Hope this helps.

In this thread,

I posted a cross-platform (Mac/iOS) script that solves this problem.

That is exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks for that!

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