How to migrate from Wunderlist

With Microsoft this week announcing a formal end of life for Wunderlist, It’s time for me to retire my old Wunderlist items and finally move them into my primary system in Omnifocus 3. Is there a way to import from Wunderlist? I still have several hundred items over there – too many to copy/paste

Wunderlist does have an export option, would this help?
it’s at:

You could then change your tasks in the corresponding .txt files to taskpaper format and paste it into OF in one go. it’s almost done for you already, just minor changes needed.

thanks for that. I have dozens of Projects (Wunderlist calls them Lists) with hundreds of items to migrate. I’m hoping to find an option that avoids having to manually edit and/or copy/paste items. Seems like a good opportunity for Omnifocus to write an easy migration tool to grab a bunch of Wunderlist users (like me) that just need a push to go all-in with OF.

Why not just throw the export into bbedit and regex the changes into it, shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.
Adjusting in OF afterwards is easy enough

the export has hundreds of individual .txt files. In a hierarchy of dozens of subfolders

Ah… that was unexpected. I had several lists with a lot of actions in them, so I only got 1 file per list.
Maybe fiddle a bit with the setup in wunderlist to see whether you can aggregate up to something a bit more high level? (higher level = less text files)

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