How to move a single task from Inbox?

Hi, I’ve used 2Do for years, and I’m evaluating OmniFocus before buying. If I have a one step task (not a project), like “Call mom for birthday” in the Inbox, where do I move it to, so I can get it out of the inbox? 2Do has lists (kinda like folders) that can hold projects, checklists, and tasks. Is there some “main” folder in Omnifocus for holding everything that’s not in the inbox?

I think most people just set up a project (or several) for single tasks. I have Work:Single Tasks and Personal:Single Tasks.

Moving from the Inbox is just a matter of assigning a project to the task.

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Thanks, coming from 2Do, it was confusing to me that a task, even if a single step, still had to be in a project

I do the same that @dfay described, just have a couple of single task projects defined. There are also settings for how the inbox can be “cleared” based on whether the task has been assigned to a project and/or has a tag.

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