How to move from http webdav when option is https only

I’ve been using OF since the early days (wow, first email I have on it is July 2007).

I’ve always sync’d to my own server just using webDAV

Not really keeping anything all that sensitive, and just using HTTP

In OF2, the sync setting enforces (in a very awkward UI way) https

any attempt to type over/alter this part of the text field causes a redraw.

A couple comments and a question:

I’d separate out the scheme from the text field - not being able to edit the full text in the field is bad UI

You could have a fixed text in the label, or you could have a drop down to choose between http/https with a big fat confirmation warning about security if the user chooses http.

I’ve considered moving to the syncserver, but honestly, with all the tweets about downtime, I’ve been happy to keep the sync on my own box, which has never once failed me.

Given it is now on http-only, how would I even go about migrating it?

I guess I could go back and do that in OF1? Than use the syncserver…


To use http, just delete the “s” (without getting rid of any of the rest of the URL).

Sorry about the awkward UI!

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