How to move up / down tasks in a project?

I dimly remember this was posible in the earlier version:

For better planning, how can I move up / down tasks in a project?

Like I have:


and want to change the order of it?

Yes and this would be irrespective of the Defer times.

Omar KN

For OF iPad: you hit the edit button in the corner when viewing the project and then reorder them using the drag handles

For desktop: either drag them or see Organize > Move

Hi and good day,

Still not for me:

Let’s see:
I open my folder, then my projects are listed in the left column, I mark a project, which then will expand its tasks in the right large column (landscape view).

So in the right large column there is the Project name on top,
and the tasks listed below, fine.

But where is the “edit button in the corner”, what I have is:
the search loupe, the eye, the plus sign and the inbox button.

Where is the edit button?

/with best regards,
Omar KN
Stockholm, Sweden

The edit button is on the top left of your task list pane. 3 small lines with circles to the right. Let me know if you can’t find it and I’ll make a screenshot.

Found it :-)