How to multi-select actions in outline, by dragging cursor

In OF1, i can put the cursor in the left side of an action, then drag up/down to multi-select actions. when put the cursor in other places of an action, the same dragging motion will drag the action around .

But in OF2, i can only drag the action around, and can’t find a way to multi-select actions. Sometimes i did sucessfully accomplished the multi-select, but i didn’t know how. It’s just like magic.

I know i can press shift key, but i’m not asking for it.

The only way I can do it in OF2 is by click and holding from the outside of a list of actions. I’m not sure if there are more methods.

This is a real setback, as compared to OF1. I often need to select multiple actions because it is (alas) the only way to use the “Sort Once” menu command. (In the Finder, you can sort once with a single click, but that’s another topic.)

I guess I’ll e-mail a request to the Omni people.