How to Open a Custom Window (For Projects) with AppleScript?

Hi and good day,

I would think this can be done with AppleScript however, I can’t do it myself.

Apart from the default ‘New Window’ command,
I want also to be able to set a custom window for Projects, (with some custom keys for Keyboard Maestro, Alfred or LaunchBar)

  • without showing the Perspectives column to the left,
  • without showing the Inspector
  • at a certain position & width on the screen,

As for now, I have FORECAST to the left of the screen and want the 2nd window to the right.
Would be nice to just use a keyboard command for it.

(2.) Alternatively, it could be done so that when launching OF, 2 windows will be automatically opened:
FORECAST to the left of the screen and PROJECTS to the right.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

With best regards,
Omar KN

David Sparks uses Keyboard Maestro to replace “New Window” and override with a KM macro.

It opens up a new window and then reposition it on the screen.

I modified it to do this for me. I have a similar workflow to show an OmniFocus window on one half and my Fantastical window on the other half.

  1. Open OmniFocus and reposition the window to take help the left side of the monitor.
  2. Switch to my Today perspective (due or flagged).
  3. Open Fantastical and move it the right side of the monitor.
  4. Switch to Day view or Weekly view in Fantastical
  5. Go to Today in Fantastical.

I have my windows automatically arranged for me in Fantastical.

Then I drag and drop from my OmniFocus task list to my calendar to “schedule” tasks.

Keyboard Maestro is well worth the money without needing to learn AppleScript.