How to parse HTML or get page title (from Fetch API))


I will save link into omnifocus and read it later, I want to write a automation plugin help me convert link as page title as set as, for example: -> Facebook

I use Fetch API to get raw html, then I need parse HTML to get title, now I use regex to get , but I think this is stupid, Is any way can do same thing but good than regex?

If it is just the title then a RegEx is probably the most practical way.

If you want more than that then you need to be doing what’s called “tree walking”. Basically the web page gets turned into a tree structure and you navigate the tree to extract what you want.

But - just for the title - a RegEx looking for <title> and </title> and extracting what’s between them is cheap, easy, and quick.

(And, yes, I’ve done precisely this - but not with OmniAutomation.)

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