How to prevent 9+ digit numbers from turning into links (but not preventing URLs)

It seems that if I type in a number that is 9 or more digits long, it automatically gets turned into a phone number link, which I would like to prevent. I realize I can do so by unchecking “Links: Automatically create links from typed URLs”, but I want URLs to be turned into links. It seems that you can either have auto links or not, but not able to specify which kinds of links are OK. Is there any solution to this? (I’m using OO 5.12 (v218.0.0)).

What would be in the “links are OK” set? Can you provide an example or two?

Here is all that is contained in the General Preferences panel concerning automatic creation of links. It does not (seem to) allow distinguishing between types of links (URLs, phone numbers, email addresses, all of what get automatically turned on if the button is set).

Screen Shot 2023-11-19 at 6.29.16 AM

As an example of how this manifests itself in an OO file, here is a snippet:

Screen Shot 2023-11-19 at 6.32.56 AM

In this example, the first two numbers (12345, and 1234567) do not get turned into a phone number link, whereas 123456789 does, simply because it has 9 digits. The next two lines show an email address and URL getting turned into links, which is perfectly fine. My main interest is to see if I can turn off turning 9-digit numbers into telephone number links (as if I were to click on that link, it will open an app like Skype that tries to call the number).

Hmmm… no idea right off the top of my head. Sorry.