How to remove Omnifocus from a computer?

Hi All,

My work computer is about to be upgraded (I am moving from a Mac to Windows) so I need to remove Omnifocus for Mac entirely. What is the recommended way of doing this?

Should I deregister the device from another instance (e.g. my iPhone) and then delete the app? Are there directories that I need to remove manually?


You can delete the app and as for your database, you can hold down the Option key and, in OmniFocus 3, click on the File menu and select Reset Database and Preferences, which I believe will clear it out. If you want to be completely certain, go to your home directory in macOS, go the Library folder (if it’s not visible use Go > Go to Folder and enter ~/Library). From there find the Containers folder and scroll down to find any com.omnigroup.OmniFocus folders and delete them.

You can also deregister it, as you said, from your iPhone.

Commiserations on the move to Windows. I hope it’s not as bad as one might imagine.


The move to Windows has been bumpy already. Problems with an external monitor and video drivers. It’s been 5 years since I had to use a Windows computer and I’d forgotten how things like this can waste so much time.

I am trialling OF for the web and hoping it will be sufficient.

Ugh. Cant imagine moving back to Windows.
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It’s been a challenge. The last version I used was v7. The changes in v10 are significant from a UI perspective.

Nonetheless I work in finance and the organisation’s main accounting system is Windows-based, so it has actually been quite a struggle working on it via remote desktop from a Mac the past 5 years because the native integration with Office apps and with the desktop just isn’t the same. As much as they have improved Office for Mac, it’s still not as good as Office on Windows. So in some ways life will be easier. Except for OF… the web version is still quite young and missing features, so I expect my iPad will be on my desk a lot for the time-being!


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