How to remove sidebar in a perspective?


Is it possible to create a Perspective that will hide the Sidebar & Toolbar.
I am trying to setup a Flagged Perspective to open in a 2nd window but without the distraction of those two items.


You can do it with keyboard Maestro, this might point you in the right direction… article link

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Thank you very much!

That is pretty much exactly what I was after.


For posterity here’s how a screenshot of Shawn Blanc’s script linked above.

You might want to put this in a macro group that requires OmniFocus to be at the front, otherwise in Safari hitting ⌘T will run the macro and not open a new Safari tab.

I would add that the “pausing until conditions are met” is IMO better run before removing the sidebar and task bar

Maybe too simple, but you can also assign a hotkey to show/hide the sidebar via System Preferences if you don’t have Keyboard Maestro.

I have hotkeys to show/hide each of the sidebar, title bar, and inspector, so that I can quickly get in to detail I need or focus my attention on just tasks in each/every view/perspective.

Just adding another option because I don’t have KM :)