How to remove the group by tags in the Flagged perspective?

Hello, is it possible to remove grouping by tags in the Flagged perspective? In perspective options I only see group by options for my custom perspectives, not the built in Flagged perspective. Thanks!

Only possible if you own the ‘Pro’ version and create a new version of Flagged. This is what I have done for the same reason.

Odd. A minor inconvenience since I have pro, but I would have expected this to be a feature of the native flagged perspective as it is in iOS. Thanks!

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I think Omni consider what a typical need for non ‘pro’ owners might be and work from there. Standard “Flagged” perspective is perhaps alright for beginners (I can’t imagine anyone wanting OF without the perspective functionality as that’s where OF comes alive).
I found the standard “Flagged” perspective too cluttered and irritating so I replaced it with my own version. That’s the beauty of this app. You can make it work for you unlike others that sort of force you into their logic and you are unable to mould it.

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