How to reorder rows in a table?

Hello I’m drawing some diagrams with OmniGraffle, and I’d like to easily reorder (manually) rows in a table.

At this point I’m not seeing it possible, and I need to follow the below steps

  • Copy row content
  • Create new row in desired location
  • Paste the content in new row
  • Delete old row.

This seems very tedious, especially if I want to move many rows at once.

  • Select the table. Ungroup it. (A table is a special kind of group.)
  • Rows are now individual shapes. Select and move rows or sets of rows to rearrange the table.
  • Select all the rows and Arrange>Make Table. This step will re-align the rows and pull them together.
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Great thanks, that works perfectly

I’m not seeing Arrange>Make Table as an option. Is this functionality included in OmniGraffle 7 standard edition?

It’s not; tables are an OmniGraffle Pro feature.

Thanks for the confirmation @johngersh.

I now have OmniGraffle Pro and am able to make tables. I’m visualing a relational database and so have arrows pointing from a row in one table to a row in another table (connected via a Magnet Point.

When I ungroup a table, rearrange the rows, and make it into a table once more, I find I’m losing the arrows.

Is it possible to keep the arrows?

I’ve found what I think is a shortcoming of this method, specifically tables within subgraphs.

  1. Start with a table inside a subgraph
  2. Ungroup the table and reorder
  3. Select all the rows
  4. Try to recreate the table - it won’t work

It appears (unless I’m overlooking something) that this won’t work inside a subgraph. I can copy the table (either before or after ungrouping it) outside the subgraph, reorder the rows, and remake the table and it works, but then I have to get the table inside the subgraph again.

Besides the obvious shortcomings of this technique requiring additional steps, there are a few other reasons it’s less than ideal - adding the table back to the subgraph is tricky, and it loses other aspects of the layout. Subgraphs in general seem to be in need of a bit of attention, but that’s a topic for another day.

Does anyone have a better way to do this?