How to repeat such as for every Father's Day?

How do you repeat a task for something such as Father’s Day? So, in this case, it would be yearly, on the third Sunday in June.

I’m not seeing any special options. It’s just offering me “yearly on July 16.”

Here’s how to set up a repeating action for Father’s Day. I called my amazing Dad earlier today, and this action will become available and be due again on June 15, 2025 (the third Sunday in June 2025).

p.s. Here’s the equivalent for Mother’s Day.


Thanks for the reply, Tim.

I’m on the iPhone. That’s the only platform on which I use OmniFocus. (This post is tagged for iOS.) When selecting “year” for the kind of repeat desired, I’m not seeing any options for customization such as that.


Even though your post didn’t directly apply, it made me search around a bit more.

I expected the needed options to be under “repeat > year”. (Kinda makes sense! Once a year and all!) However, the options are indeed found under “repeat > month”! All I need to do is choose every 12 months, and then turn on “customize,” and then choose as you indicate in your screenshots.


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You’re very welcome, @aliteralmind. It’s good to hear you figured this out.

For the benefit of anyone else who comes across this post, here’s the same repeat configuration shown on the iPhone.


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