How to replace singular tag associated with a task more efficiently

Hi all,

I am learning to incorporate OmniFocus into my daily routine and have a question about how to quickly replace the tag associated with a task.

For example, I have two tags, “This Week” and “Next Week”. I want to change a task tagged with “This Week” into “Next Week” ONLY. What I do is add the latter, and then remove the former from the task inspector (otherwise OmniFocus will keep BOTH tags associated with the task, which is confusing).

My question is: any more efficient way to execute the above operation? It is cumbersome to add one and then remove one when I need to make such change to multiple tasks. It would be ideal if there is a REPLACE function so that I can do it in one go.

I assume this is not an issue in OmniFocus 2 where only one context is allowed for one task : )

You could go to the Tags perspective, click on ”This week” in the sidebar, select the tasks you would like to change tag for, and then command-drag them to ”Next week”. This might be a convenient solution if you want to change the tag for many tasks at the same time. If you wish to change the tag for one task at a time, I’m afraid my suggestion would only make things worse.

There is actually a related method that I use myself for single tasks. If you have a custom perspective showing the tasks grouped by tag, you could command-drag a task from its place under one tag to a place under the other. I like this kind of custom perspective, as it allows me to manually reorder my tasks. Custom perspectives require the Pro version of Omnifocus, though, and I don’t know if you have that.

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It works! This is what I am looking for! Thanks a lo for your prompt helpt! :D

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You could also use the the Toggle Tag plug-in by @deaghean. You’ll find the plug-ins + instructions here:

If you want to take this a step further, the above collection also includes Generate Toggle Tag, a clever plug-in that can be used to create plug-ins.

For example, I have tags that I use to earmark actions for days of the week (Mon, Tue, Wed, etc.) and use a plug-in that I created using Generate Toggle Tag to conveniently toggle between these tags. For added convenience, I use keyboard shortcuts on Mac and iPad. For example, if an action is tagged with “Tue” I can press ⌃⌘3 to remove the “Tue” tag and put a “Wed” tag in its place.


Wow this is really handy! I will check it out. Thanks a lot timstringer! :D

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You’re very welcome, @thecluo. Good to hear this was helpful!

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