How to reposition an entry in a list?

Version 4.3 Universal
Build: v177.2.0
Date: 2024-05-31
Platform: iOS 17.5.1

In previous versions of OF 4 for iOS, you could move an item up or down in the list by press-hold and then drag. That doesn’t seem to work in v177.2.0. Or am I missing something?

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Press-hold and drag should still work to move an item up and down in a list. If you’re finding the timing tricky, you can try holding an item until the menu appears, then drag the held item to the right to exit the menu and drag the item around the list instead.

As you drag the item around the list, you’ll see visual feedback indicating what will happen if you drop in that location:

  • A space opening up between two other items means the item will be placed into that space.
  • An item highlight means the item will dropped into that item, i.e. will become a child of that item.
  • A “no entry” sign means nothing will happen.

Hope this helps!

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IPad pro 12 inch 5th gen
iPadOS 17.5.1
OmniFocus 4.3.1 Pro (v177.3.0)

On iPad, much of the time:

  • the context menu doesn’t pop up (possibly related: the settings menu won’t pop up either), or
  • the dragged item will only show the no-entry symbol, no matter where it is dragged, or
  • the dragged item is dropped on to a child of the item that it is intended to be dropped on.

Many repetitions have shown that this is probably not due to clumsiness. Sometimes changing perspectives resolves the issue, but sometimes it is necessary to relaunch OmniFocus. In either case, the fix is temporary.

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It seems to work, now. At some point, I noticed the app was updated on my phone to v177.3.0, and the repositioning technique mentioned by kcase, above, started to behave as described. So I’m all set.