How to schedule finish-to-finish tasks?

For some reason I can’t get this to work. I have the feeling I am doing something wrong here.

I have a task 1 and task 2 of different durations, and a prerequisite for task 1: 1FF (so: finish-finish).
Expected result: both finish at the same time (in the case of the screenshot: both end Nov 2nd)
I tried scheduling task 2 both ASAP and ALAP, but both don’t give the expected result.

  • ASAP: not incorrect, but unwanted
  • ALAP: here the as-late-as-possible is linked to task 3 (not related to task 1 and 2), that’s not what I want

BTW. Same behavior in MS Project.

I agree; the Finish-to-finish dependence appears to be broken. I does not seem to pull the subsequent task forward to match the end date of the predecessor.

In addition, changing the Offset seems to make no difference on F-F tasks either. My example is that I have a designer and a developer. Both are working on their tasks, but the developer will need one additional day after the designer task finishes, so that he can incorporate the final design changes. This should be as simple as a “F-F” dependency between the two, with a “+1d” offset.

However, it’s not working in OmniPlan 3.

For ASAP: It looks like you want to set up your Finish->Finish dependency in the opposite direction. Task 2 cannot be considered finished until Task 1 is also just finishing. That will bring Task 2 up to finish at the end of Nov 2.

I’m not sure I follow your ALAP example.

I would like to see that task 1 and task 2 both finish at the end of task 1 (Nov 2).