How to select next task automatically after task completed

In sequential projects, I have often completed several tasks without actually ticking them off in OF (MacOS).

Once I tick the first task off, I have to manually select the next task (with mouse) in order to tick it off.

Is there a way that OF can automatically select the next task in a project, once the previous task has been ticked off?

using a perspective is not an option?

Not sure I’ve understood you. What I am talking about:

  • when you select a task in a sequential project OF, it becomes shaded in grey.
  • when you complete that task (either by space bar or mouse click) the next task in the project appears, but not shaded grey
  • therefore, I have to select it before I can complete it.

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I tend to arrow down when navigating through tasks so that I can keyboard it.


What I meant was if you create a perspective showing that project, and it is set to available, it should only show the task that is active in a sequential project, and once that is checked show you the next one.

Yeah, I agree the keyboard focus probably shouldn’t clear like that when you mark an action complete.

At least for now, if you hit the down key right after hitting the space bar it allows you to move down to the next task before the completed task get removed from the view and clears focus.