How to send OmniFocus tasks to Google Calendar or Ical?


I want to send OmniFocus tasks to my google Calendar, But cannot do this.
I’ve made settings in Calendar reminder like here
but it does not help

well, I did remember a blog article for OmniFocus to Fantastical.

I know you can just drag and drop an OmniFocus task to the calendar app.Then change the appointment time.


I did see this Applescript in the other forum.

I’m no Applescript guru so you might have to direct the question in the other conversation.

Works well, thanx.

How can I make sure that identical Task Names ar not imported twice, or better only updated ?


Like in this Expl wit “Wunderlist”, could exported Tasks automatically be added at a “Open Time Slot”.
As WUnderlist & Google Calendar tried, I want to add some "Time Slots " for creative time blockings. And Timeslots for daily erands, or boring office time. I would try to “Replace” that iCal event by the exportet Task of that particular segment.

That might be something to ask in the Automation section…

Someone might take up on the challenge.

I did see one Keyboard Maestro script that uses a specific calendar. It erases all the events in that calendar and then repopulates the calendar by cycling through all the tasks and creates new calendar items.