How to set one default resource?


I am using OmniPlan primarily to keep track of various client projects. I am the only one using the software, and currently I am listed as the only resource. Is it possible to have all tasks by default use a specific resource (me)?

This way I can plan to avoid scheduling conflicts with various projects in the future. Thanks ahead of time!

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@Clare12345 Setting up a task assigned to the appropriate resource, then selecting Project > Set as Default for New Tasks should work for this too!

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Thank you!

Hi @ains, I tried doing this, but it sets the entire task as the default task, so that when I press enter, the task gets duplicated. I only want the resource to be assigned as a default - not the task. I tried following your instructions with an empty task, and the new task gets the number 1, then 2, etc. inside the task description. Perhaps I can live with this - although the ideal would be simply to be able to nominate a resource as the default resource.

@jana It sounds like OmniPlan is behaving as expected for you now - new tasks should be created with the default task name (“Task 1,” “Task 2,” etc.), with the new “default” resource assigned. That said, I’ll file a feature request for the exact functionality you were hoping to see in OmniPlan!

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Sounds great. Thank you!