How to set the first day of the week? [A: fixed in newest builds.]

How to set the first day of the week for the date picker?

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It’s a bug- will be fixed and is in the pipe

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Any chance this can be configured to start on a Monday, rather than Sunday being in the 1st column?

Constantly picking the wrong date!

It ought to be obeying system preferences, and it’s not. Sorry! That bug is filed and creeping its way up the queue.

And it got fixed shortly after I posted that!

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Downloaded the latest build and it’s fixed! Fantastic work!!!

I prefer to have Sun as the first day of the week. Currently the date picker shows Mon (Revision: 208087). Shouldn’t this be a choice that can be made in Preferences?

We obey the systemwide preference. If you would like to change it, open System Preferences, choose Language & Region, and change the selection in the “First day of week” popup button.

Hey Kyle, thanks for the reply. I have set my System Preferences with Sunday as the first day of the week. OF still shows Monday as the first day of the week. I have tried changing the Language and Region settings several times and restarted OF several times to see of the first day of the week in the date picker changes. It hasn’t.

Hmm. Please make sure you’ve updated to the latest OmniFocus build. If the problem persists, please contact