How to shade of days in the Gantt view


I would like to be able to highlight the off days, weekends and full days off due to holidays, I know how to do this for off-hours, but this makes the Gantt view very messy and difficult to read. I saw some mention of this as a possible feature request back in Omniplan1, did it ever make it to Omniplan2 if so how can it be done.

I have Omniplan1 and using the trial v2. I am trying to decide whether it is worthwhile upgrading to Omnipan2 or move to Merlin, which seems to do this out-of-the-box


I’d also like to know this. I’m on Omniplan2, and can add the holiday time into the calender view, but it doesn’t show on the timeline. Is there anyway of shading out the holiday time on the timeline view?

There is a workaround but you won’t be able to use more exact scheduling then the daily one.

You should also do it before assigning time to your tasks, If you do it on a running project all of the effort data will mess up.

  1. Go to calendar view
  2. Drag your default working hours from the top till the very bottom without breaks, you should work 24/5
  3. After playing with headers I’ve got something like this: