How to show "highlighting" all in one place?


I am using OO 4.1 and love it. I am studying for a test from a very large outline and when I take quizzes, I like to highlight the items I got wrong.

Circus Ponies Notebook has a great feature where it can show you all the highlighted items in one spot, so you can quickly see what you got wrong. Other than that, I really don’t love that software, and would rather use OO for this purpose.

Suggestions on how to replicate this kind of functionality?

Many thanks.

OmniOutliner doesn’t have any filtering capabilities. I suggest you write in to and tell us about your use case, that way we can add it to the development database.

That said, OmniOutliner 4’s new sorting features might suit your needs. You could reveal the status checkboxes for each row using View > Show Status Checkboxes, and check off the rows you got right. Use Organize > Keep Sorted > Status, Unchecked to Checked to temporarily sort the rows with unchecked status to the top. Use the same menu item to remove the sort and return the rows to their natural order.

Thanks Kyle, that seems like it might be helpful in the interim.

I think the problem with that approach might be that the outline is organized by chapters at the top level. So I guess I would have to focus on each chapter, then do the sort you describe. It’s not awful, but it’s not ideal.

I’ll send a request email anyway, thanks.