How to sort folders on OF2 for iPhone

i’m trying to figure out how to sort folders alphabetically. When you’ve got 25 folders that you can’t sort, scrolling is a pretty terrible solution. Plus, the search feature searches the entire account, not the folder that you’re in, or even the area that you’re in. For instance, when I am in context view, and I click search, it does not search the contexts. So I guess I’m having the same problem with contexts. Need to sort those alphabetically as well. Anyone have any ideas?

Does selecting all the folders in the sidebar and then, in the menu bar, choosing “Organize > Sort Once > By Name” help?

Those options aren’t on the iPhone version, unfortunately.

On the iPhone you hit the Edit button (on iPad it looks like a bullet button) and then drag them to the order you want and the full list rearranges automatically.