How to structure repeating cyclical projects?

I have a project that consists of a bunch of tasks. I would like to see only the first task, and when i complete it I want the next task to show up, but no sooner than the following day. In this way I can cycle through all tasks, one per day, and then when I’m done, repeat the project.

Is this possible?

Going out on a limb here:

Probably possible with an applescript. But as an easy workaround:

  • Set up the tasks as a project in sequential mode.
  • When you do a task, and check it off the next one will show. Defer it one day.
  • When you have done the last one, reset all the completed ones to active, and defer the first one one day.

Alternate way:

Suppose you have 10 tasks.
Give each one a due date and a defer date and set it to repeat every 10 days. If you don’t work weekends, set them to 2 weeks.

The downside of this is that they can pile up on you if you skip a day. If you never want to do more than one in a day, then when you do skip, you will have to select them all, and click “defer one day” in the inspector.

If defer and due dates aren’t the same, you will see whatever the difference is. E.g. If due is October 3 and Defer is October 1 for an action, you will start to see this action 3 days before it’s due. This allows you anticipatory time. You can decide to do an extra one today. Or not.

This one also accumulates overdue ones if you skip. Not perfect.