How to view Folders in Review perspective

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It would be interesting to know in which folder belongs every project that we are reviewing during the review process. Indeed, I gather my projects according to Areas of responsibilities (which are represented by various Folders ).
So, the fact that reviewing a projet while knowing in what areas of responsibility it belongs represents two interests. The first of course is the maintenance of the Focus, which is still the first purpose of this wonderful application : Omnifocus 2. The second is related to the inevitable interruption that may occur during the review process. Indeed, reviewing all projects related to a specific area of responsibility (for example “Health”) would be a real motivation before interrupting the review process !

I manage to do this by making a goes back and forth between the built-in Projects perspective and the built-in Review perspective. Let me explain, in the Projects perspective, I focus on a folder (Area of ​​responsability ) with all the contained projects then I enable the Review perspective, it allows me to have only that folder to review. Once the review of this project is completed, I return to the project perspective, I then select another folder, I focus and switch to Review, and so on!

Would it be possible to have an indication, in the main outline of the Review perspective, that shows to which folder every project belongs ?

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I definitely agree with this, especially since I have multiple single actions lists in various different folders simply called “Single Actions”. Seeing this in the review list, I have no idea what area they are to do with.

It would be enough just to have the full path with colon separators, eg. “Personal : Single Actions” somewhere in the review screen.

I completely agree with this. I make extensive use of folders to handle various Areas of Responsibility and my process is to review on a daily schedule only one or two areas of responsibility. It is very difficult to do this without having projects grouped by folder. There are also other benefits to seeing a group of related projects together in Review Mode.

I also have a lot of projects set to ‘On Hold’. I would like to be able to filter by Project status in Review mode so that I can choose to review only Active projects (occurs on a regular schedule) or On Hold projects (occurs far less frequently, when I have time). I understand that I can set On Hold projects to be reviewed more infrequently, but this does not really help my workflow.

It is for these reasons that I do not use the Review perspective. Instead, I have my own ‘Project Review’ perspective in which projects are grouped by ‘Next Review’ and then I select the appropriate area of responsibility in the sidebar. While this works in OF2 (but not on the iPad), I miss all the cool ‘Review mode’ features. :(

(I mentioned this on the forums last year and got berated for my project review process. Please be kinder this time around!)

This is planned.


Addressed in the lasts builds !
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Group by folder in perspectives would be helpful to only see areas of responsibility (work, home, etc.) without folding projects in the view. In other words, a flat view!

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In Build 2.4.1 I am not seeing folder info when clicking on items…where should I be looking? Thanks!


In the View (the eye) menu, have you ticked ‘Show folders in the outline’?

Is it possible to have the “Show folders” option in a custom perspective? It would be very help to see what the parent folder is when reviewing a “Completed” perspective. Right now, if you happen to have the same project name in different folders, it appears the same in any custom perspective.