Huge files and slow syncing with embedded files, need a new strategy

I would like to see better handling of linked files because right now embedding files is a drag because it slows down syncing so much as the Outliner file gets bogged down, and managing external links is tedious, and it’s even harder to find and convert existing embedded files into linked files. With recordings you have no choice because it forces you to embed so you have to do this un-embed and re-link every single time. This is untenable in the post-sync Omnioutliner. OO was built before Syncing and that’s reflected in how it handles embedded files and syncing monolithic files. OO5 needs to re-design this strategy from the ground up.

  1. When you drag in a file it should give you the option of embedding the file OR saving it to OO’s dedicated linked files folder and automatically creating the link. This gives the user the ease of dragging in files without having to go through the file system to save it in a dedicated folder but the lightness of linked files.

  2. OmniPresence sync itself should prioritize syncing just the text file so the outline can be accessed/edited right away while the actual media downloads in the background. This would also greatly enhance the sync usability for files with lots of embedded files.

  3. OO should have a way to move all embedded files into a separate managed folder where images/files are stored and convert them to links to shrink down the main OO file for syncing. This is useful for people who already have embedded files or start embedding files to the point where the file gets too big and they need to move to a linked model. Right now it’s a nightmare when you realize you have to manually find and un-embed and re-link every darn file in an outline that’s gotten too large.


I’d suggest trying out Evernote. You can put large files in Evernote, and then right-click “Copy Link for Note” on the note, which you could include in OmniOutliner. Its iPhone app, takes Audio Notes directly, so mostly keep your existing workflow.

So in summary, use OmniOutliner the way you currently do, but put your larger media files in Evernote and use OSX links to link the two apps together.

These are good ideas. Somehow it’s very easy to not hold Command or Ctrl, etc., to make it Link vs. Embed. Also there could/should be an easy way to get a file list – which files are embedded, how big are they, and where the heck they are.