I cannot install awesome font and UX KITS TYPE from stencil due to missing fonts

As I said in the title when I try to install font awesome I receive this message

Font “FontAwesome” non trovato. Sostituzione con “Helvetica” sul testo “”.

That is in english something like not found font awesome it has been replaced with “”.

I’m using Version 7.8.2

The same for UX KITS TYPE, there is a missing font.

This error usually means you have a font substitution because that character is not available (in OmniGraffle or in general on your system). See https://fontawesome.com/how-to-use/on-the-web/other-topics/troubleshooting and make sure to check if the character you are using is available in another application too. If the same exact characters work in TextEdit and not OmniGraffle, you can conclude either there is a bug or a lack of support in OmniGraffle for these fonts (I can’t know which without investigating). If the same characters do not not work in TextEdit, you have a general Font Awesome issue, and their support should be able to help out better than we can. If the TextEdit case works, but not OmniGraffle, please drop us an email from Contact Omni.

If the issue is we need more support for web fonts, please send in a feature request to omnigraffle@omnigroup.com.


If you want your Font Awesome stencil to work with the free version, you can manually map it as a workaround.

Map the Glyphs to the Font:
0. Install Font Awesome so it shows up in your Font Book first (You may or may not need to perform this step).

  1. Choose Edit Stencil.
  2. Select All in the Stencil once it opens.
  3. Apply the Font Awesome font you have installed from Fonts. You have to map them once yourself.
  4. Save the stencil.
  5. The Font Awesome template may still have so many boxes with ? in them after doing this if you are using the free font. This is expected, because only some of the icons are free. The template is for the Pro version. You may want to delete the ones you don’t have and save the stencil as a new name, then you are good to go with free Font Awesome. You can check at https://fontawesome.com/icons?d=listing&m=free to see which are free.

No Font Option: Use SVG
Grab the SVG images and throw them all into a new stencil then save. Drag them out of the stencil into the document as icons. Then you aren’t dealing with fonts at all, but instead have images you can control that are vectors. This workaround is the best if you are going across platforms that may not have the font.