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It makes me sad to leave Omnifocus. I’m posting my thoughts because as a fellow software developer I enjoy insight into how people are using my application, what they like, and what they dislike. I also think if Omnifocus added a few more features, it could capture what makes Things great.
What Things has
Today view:

It's re-orderable! This is huge. It sounds silly, and no it isn't "needed". However, it provides a tremendous sense of calm to arrange and view today's tasks in the order in which you plan to do them (which is why many of us use GTD in the first place). I've read every argument against this: What order should they appear in when a new task is added?

Manual sorting is not available in OF2. But it is available in OF3.

You can visit the Tags perspective (formerly Contexts) and re-order to your liking.

If you have Pro, you can create a custom perspective and set the view sorting to Tags order. If the sorting is set to something else (such as due date or defer date) then you will not be able to manually sort. The sorting is dictated by the perspective’s sort settings. If the perspective’s sort settings is set to Tag Order, you can manually re-order to your preference.

Specifically, you can also set a Forecast tag with pro, which lets you have actions appear in the Today view of the Forecast perspective. These are reorderable also.


doesn’t everything show up in the forecast perspective? What is the advantage to setting a certain tag to show up?

Only due actions show in Forecast, though optionally, deferred actions and calendar items can be shown, too.

Add a tag to this allows for organizing a day around what’s due (must do), calendar commitments, and chosen actions (Forecast Tag).

Hope this helps!


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