I just need to vent

The toolbar in v6 was not without it’s flaws… instead of fixing those you’ve gone and made using Omni a complete trainwreck for me.

I’ve used Omnigraffle for 9+ years, 20-40 hours per week… and the upgrade to 7 is a complete disaster for my productivity.

The text tool for example… just random behaviour. The new point tool… or should I call it the pointless tool? Doesn’t do stuff I would expect and doesn’t work where it should.

I just need to rant because I’m about to head into a meeting with zero materials, I feel like a complete noob with v7. I’ll make a video later.

Not a happy customer right now. It’s OK to upgrade, improve and introduce gradual changes but these changes go against what I praise the tool for… speed, ease of use and minimal UI. It feels like you want people to interact solely with the gui. Power users learn the keyboard shortcuts - stop breaking that please

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Alright, here’s a quick video that attempts to highlight how frustrating Omnigraffle has become.

The only way I’ve found to make the text tool operate consistently via shortcut key is to continue to hold the T key while I type.

This works perfectly 100% of the time I need to use words that don’t begin with T… sheeeesh.


I was excited to see the point tool. Finally, I thought, I’ll be able to edit/modify points e.g. retroactively add a bezier curve… yay… maybe? Nope, it’s no different to the selection tool. In fact, it’s a little worse because if you don’t use the selection tool to highlight the object first, the point tool alone wont highlight the points to be edited. At least the old magnet tool would visualise hidden magnets under the cursor. But why be consistent with that, right?

Please just fix this. Do you guys do usability testing at all?

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I have the same problem with using T shortcut …

My impression is that they took a huge hit when the Mac platform bifurcated into OS + iOS, and that since then they’ve been running to even stand still, with just too many products to properly support or carefully develop.

I hope they are not, after all that fragmentation of focus, discovering, as Panic has, that the intersection between iOS and ‘pro’ is less significant than had been hoped:

Does anyone know whether issue with T shortcut has been fixed? For all those little annoyances I almost quit using OG, now need to do a new diagram and still facing the same issue.