I know I am doing this wrong but

I have given a few people who I do work for an OmniFocus email address so they can add tasks to my inbox.

Now I know if I was following the system properly that I would be checking the inbox on a daily basis, but sometimes I fail to do that.

Is there any way I can set up a notification via ifttt or any other system that would smack me in the face when something gets added to my inbox.

I know that is not the gtd system but please don’t judge :)

Many thanks in anticipation


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I think this would be useful even if you are diligent with GTD–and I’m not sure that wanting or having this feature really is a GTD failure. A failsafe is never a bad thing. We all get busy; the tools should help us out. I join your request.

The excellent Alfred may well be able to do that sort of thing with Powerpack’s Workflows.

Now we need an Alfred expert to come along and shed some light on the situation :)

Instead of giving them your OmniFocus mail drop address I’d suggest giving them an IFTTT email address or a Zapier one. You can have that forward to OmniFocus with their name prepended to the subject, and have notifications sent to your iPhone when it happens. (And it could forward to OF and you.)

Plus you can also easily disable permissions for a few weeks if you need to ;)


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