I miss the Gantt-like view of my calendar in the Forecast perspective

OF2 used to offer a view of my calendar that looked kind of like a Gantt chart. It offered a quick visual way for me to assess my day.

In OF3 this has been replaced with a view where each calendar item looks like a task, and the time it occurs is shown as text. It’s no longer possible to figure out the landscape of the day at a glance (not helped by the fact the times are not very legible bold white-on-pastel color text!).

Is it possible to get the old view back? The new view is worse in every way.


It’s not possible to restore the old Forecast view. I know others have expressed similar concerns to yours, so I’m sure The Omni Group are aware that some are unhappy with the change. Be sure to write in to omnifocus@omnigroup.com yourself to let them know, too.