I miss the "nearby" map from earlier ios versions

I miss the now dropped map view for “nearby” actions… I found it so much clearer to view my available actions on a map, and plan based on proximity. ie. I could do tasks that were physically close to each other.

Also, viewing actions tagged to a location that is far away. eg. I’m going to be in another city tomorrow, show me what will be available when I’m there.

Any thoughts?

I have had my own created contexts for locations from the beginning. However I don’t use the location services from within the app at all. That is because they are woefully inadequate for my location needs.

I have things like locations around the farm, Red Barn, Hay Barn, West Pasture etc and they all show up at the same place. I have a tag/context for town which is only 3 blocks long so once there I can do everything. I also have a tag for the city 75 miles away we go to regularly. The city might be one use for the location awareness options but it’s a lot easier to look at the list of actions for the city. We basically go to the same places all the time and have a route set up that minimizes left hand turns and avoids any backtracking that works.

So I can just look at the context of the city and know where we have togo and plan the stops. The route is the same, the only difference is how many and where the stops are.

Same issue here. The location radius is not small enough for the compact city I live in. I wish OmniFocus would allow user to specify the radius for a location, like in iOS built-in Reminders app, instead of having 3 fixed radius options.

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