I need to talk to Alexa and add task in Omnifocus

Hello everyone!

Somewhere in my house I have Amazon echo and would like to add a reminder from Alexa and have it added to my Omnifocus inbox.
I have tried an ifttt that picks up what is spoken by Alexa and sends a mail to my OmniFocus email but it doesn’t work.
I have also tried another one that adds Alexa tasks to the Reminders (apple) inbox and from there to Omnifocus but that doesn’t work either.

Can you recommend something?



It did work for me with OF3 but I stopped using it since iphone dictation became much better in IOS. Now I speak to the OF inbox directly.
Siri and OF never worked right for me.

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Note – The IFTTT integration is no longer available:

So with this integration no longer working, is there a workaround? Or is there currently no way to connect Alexa and Omnifocus anymore?