I/O Blocks plugin creator for AV drawings


Is there a chance to see a tools like we can find in some visio integration to create a block with inputs outputs connection points on the fly. It could be really usefull for intergrators that need to create a block representing a audio visual device with some inputs and/or outputs connections. Like a plugin where you can tell for exemple: i have 3 Inputs and name it and 6 output and name it too with a comment for each entrance. Give the space between them, a name for the block Like manufacturer and model and clic ok and it create a block with 3 input on the left and 6 output on the right with a connection point for each. Easy Peasy ^^

And on top of that something like a place to save them and with just a search be able to find them.

Could be awesome!

Best regards

PS: I already asked for that a few years ago on the support but it look like it never move from there :(

So you are looking for a form with a series of questions/fields that generates a stencil?

Yes exactly ^^

And on top if possible, kind of a database where can be store the stencil created. By manufacturers > types > Models (for ex Sony> Screen>Models)

But the form could be really cool

Would probably be best to eMail to tech as a feature request.

You can build up your own stencils for items (see help for how to build a stencil) and there are already a lot of stencil libraries on-line.

Where to find a tech email?

And i know the i can build my own stencils ^^ but it’s time consuming when you have a lot of to do that are different. That’s why i use visio under D-Tools for that actually under windows…

It would be great to see that option in omnigraffle to help speed up the work. Omnigraffle is supposed to be a replacement or alternative to visio but it’s not for me and as i know in my profession it’s not at all because of this lack.

For a dev i think it’s simple think to implement.

Where can is ask if it’s not in this forum? No developpers read this forum?

Usually the tech support eMail is found in the OmniGraffle -> About OmniGraffle dialog (support@omnigroup.com). There is another way under Help -> Contact Omni.

IMHO, OG is more than a replacement for Visio. I am doing rather complex and multi-layer drawings - all to scale - almost like a CAD program. But Your Mileage and Needs May Vary.

Usually, I come here when I get stuck on working on something and broadcast a question out to others using the App. Tech does frequent here although they have been rather quiet lately and may be feeling the effects of that little thing called the global pandemic.


As explained in my first post i already write to the support ^^ it was a year ago i just check. But no change since that so i’m trying here. Let’s hope some dev will read that.

I really love OG and use it too for other type of drawings. A little bit like you. But i’m stuck with visio because of this lack of functionality. And i really would like to get rid of visio :)

Thanks for your reply.

We are all feeling the effect of this virus. We are forced to be as we are restricted in our freedom of move because of a lack of anticipation of ours gouvernement. To not say inefficiency…

Stay strong and be carefull


Stay strong and be careful

You do the same. At least we have a lot of time to work on the drawings!