I put all of my projects and tasks in a single folder and it's working out really well for me

Less of a question, more of a helpful tip I suppose.

(long time GTD & OF user)

So, I had folders in OF for Home, Business, Family, Personal, Chores + 1 or 2 others.

In each I had a Single Actions stack, a repeating Tasks stack and projects that related to the top level folders. Each task always has a context and frequently a defer date, sometimes a due date.

After literally years of spending ages putting stuff in the right folders I realised - what the hell am I doing, this is madness.

I now have a single, single actions list, a single pile of repeating tasks and next to them around 60 projects.

Because I only ever work from a perspective, say “home” which only shows what I can do AT home (and is available) I’ve saves myself a massive pile of needless admin, putting stuff in the right piles, piles I never looked at or needed anyway.

So, maybe reducing the complexity of your system would be cool - just saying :)

(FWIW I run my whole life through OF, personal and work, I’m a freelance UX designer at a big bank and have two young kids, a wife and a house which we’re rebuilding and refurbing whilst living in it, my wife is starting her own teaching business, I have plenty of projects and tasks!)


Ooo… I like the sound of this. I think I might give it a try this weekend. My OF setup has become complex enough that it’s repelling me from using it!