I wish OO worked like WorkFlowy

WorkFlowy has a very slick, intuitive interface and workflow. I’ve been using OmniOutliner since version 1, and WF is the first app I’ve seen that is a serious threat. I’d use it, except I need an off-line solution.

I wish OmniOutliner would adopt a workflowy interface. it’s just so much faster and more efficient for moving through your information. I also love the way WF searches for #tags, hiding everything that isn’t tagged.

I would happily pay for an upgrade that included a WorkFlowy interface.

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OO sidebar is good to move stuff in a big doc.
I switched from WF to OO and like it better; I use the WF “theme” in OO though (exact same fonts, spacing, etc…)
I’d love tabs in OO to work simultaneously at many places in the same doc

I find OO more functional for heavy-duty use. Also, I keep confidential information in outlines saved on a local encrypted volume–wouldn’t dare trust an online tool with that. However, like anamorph, I would love OO to support WF’s show #tagged items (and hide everything else).

Sounds like you’ll enjoy being able to filter in OmniOutliner:

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Hi junk

excuse me, could you tell me how you switched from Workflowy to OmniOutliner ?
I’m interested because that’s what i would like to achieve, too… ! :-)
(i just have OO Essentials but could purchase the Pro version if needed, or if it’s better for that purpose).

Thank you for your (or someone other’s) help !