I would like to add a note to a folder


I was adding some new folders yesterday and wanted to add a note to them. I looked for a way to do that and don’t think it is possible. Is this something that makes sense to add? I know I would use it in several cases.



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+1. Thanks.

+1 - I’d find this useful as well.

Also, the option to display the number of items inside the folder (and sub-folders) would be a nice addition.

I would also find this useful.

@elrjax @KirbyKrieger @mojen @Jay6821 We do have an open request for this and I’ll get you all added to it. In the future, if there is a feature or some functionality you’d like to see us make happen, sending us an email is the best way to make sure your thoughts get heard by us. We try to hang out in the forums as much as possible, but we aren’t always able to keep up with everything that gets posted. We do, however, read and respond to every email we receive.