iCloud Drive - Future Sync Method

With the recent announcement of iCloud Drive at Apple’s WWDC, I’m curious as to whether or not Omnigroup might switch over to that from the WebDav OmniSync server currently in place. It certainly would reduce their overhead.

From what Apple has told us, it should function similarly to Dropbox to allow any type of file in it. We would get iCloud sync with out the need for Omni to make many changes.

Not sure if anyone at Omni could say this is on the roadmap or not, but given the prospect of offloading a cost onto Apple, I’m guessing so.

It’s probably still too early to tell whether iCloud will offer any capabilities to developers. As you can see, a lot of developers had to create their own cloud solution because iCloud couldn’t work with a lot of data formats.

Things, Wunderlist, and OmniFocus all have their own cloud solutions because iCloud and Dropbox weren’t the proper solution to their problems.

There are also warnings not to use Dropbox as a place to store your OmniFocus 1 database because that can introduce corruption.

I recalled the iCloud presentation at WWDC, iCloud was free (with limits). So, I’m guessing that heavier bandwidth and larger storage solutions will need to be paid to Apple. But it might make financial and logistical sense to just keep the cloud syncing in house.

This will be an interesting sector to watch.

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This is an old thread, but I don’t see anything else in the sync category that is more on topic…

I’ve used omni presence for a long while, along side iCloud and Dropbox. Given the changes in macOS Sierra that deepen the integration with iCloud, it would be great to hear further thinking from the Omni team regarding their view of Omnipresnese and iCloud.

From a user perspective, I’m not sure I really want to manage so many cloud services. I recall Dropbox was frowned up for Omni docs (or perhaps just OmniOutliner, my main use). I dont recall seeing the same for iCloud.

Anyhow, any info on these issues would be welcome

@ctwomey Both OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle for iOS now support iCloud Drive as a cloud store provider - more information about this sync option is available in the respective app manuals!



ains, thanks for the reply. I’ve been a user for over 10 years (I can find my upgrade note from you all in '06; not sure when I first started using OmniOutliner). I used to happily beta test for you all too. You all have a great product, but I think that sync solution is way out of date.

Aside from the fact that this element remains in Beta multiple major releases later, the bulk of both sets of instructions focus on how to copy doc’s into iCloud or other (again, I use two already, not counting OmniPresense and other sundry proprietary ones). The norm, as set out by all of the services you all support, is to sync not copy. You should harmonize the documentation across the version to center on syncing solution that you sort of provide, rather than leading with the solution that moves unsynced copies that might (if one remembers) be updated and recopied…

Further, and perhaps more importantly, you don’t really have sync solution. I have scores of outlines on OmniPresense. There is no way to bulk sync a folder from iCloud/Dropbox. I can (I suppose) add each to the “Other Documents” portion of the Locations element. But that is super kludgy.

With iOS/MacOS Notes now having easier basic outlining (indenting of bulleted outlines in OS10) that truly sync, you all need to work this aspect of your outstanding product to avoid low end cannibalization of the market.

(And on the topic of usability…I’d think a link to the discussion page on your main support page would be worthwhile…again that is the norm in the software field I’d think)