Icons / emojis in folder names

Hi, I’ve seen here and there that a few people are using emojis in their project and folder names so that they stand out a bit.

Using icons / emojis in project or folder names is pretty cool.

However, when clearing my Inbox I want to add items to projects filling out the corresponding field and not by dragging it with the mouse. But what happens is, that somehow I just see the icons and the actual name isn’t displayed. See attached Screenshot for clarification. There I just see the Icon used in the name of the parent folder. If you just use an emoji / icon once that maybe would work, but in my case I want to use the same Icon for different projects.

Did anyone else into that issue? Do you have a solution or workaround? Thanks in advance,


ok, for clarification here are two more screenshots:

Folder structure:

Clearing the inbox:

The only way to separate the folders with the same icon is to include a name.


Hey JJW, thanks. But obviously I was a bit unclear.
My folders have names (Icon + Name or just a name).

In the Screenshot above the structure looks like this:

[💎 Agenda 2020]
          SA IT privat
          SA privat

Here the [] represent folders, whereas SA … the names of single action Projects are.

I don’t know then what the problem is.


Thank you anyway.

Just for clarification:

The parent folder has a icon (inside the name) like: 💎 Agenda 2020

Inside this folder are two projects:

  • project A
  • project B

So far everything is fine and looks good in the UI.

But when I clear my inbox an I enter the “projects” field and start typing “pro” then the gui shows me obviously both projects in the dialog (see screenshot), but I can just see the icon from the parent folder, the name of the projects don’t show up or are truncated or whatever.

Hmm, when I’m the only one with that issue maybe I try different icons or don’t use them at all. But it would be so nice to have the option to use them.

Nobody else encounters the same issue?

Thx & a good day!

Does this also happen in light mode? I would guess the colours are inverted/incorrectly selected and that’s the problem.

Hi Rosemary Jayne,
unfortunately it’s the same in the standard light mode. Icon is unaffected by light or dark mode, the project name still stays invisible.

Thanks for the hint anyway!
Good night (at least from my timezone;.) )

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