I'd trade the world for the ability to show flagged deferred tasks without showing all deferred tasks in forecast view

But maybe I’m missing the point.

Forecast view is fully date based, though. Flagged with no date wouldn’t show up there; how would that work?

I can see the utility of showing items that are due or starting+flagged.

Due+flagged is essentially my today view so this would be ideal behaviour for forecast mode in my case.


So, you want a ‘Flagged’ section added under the ‘Today’ heading, as a peer of ‘Due’ (and ‘Deferred’ if selected)?

Does this best fit in Forecast, with all the other days’ stuff? Or if you could get a purpose-built Today perspective (sidebar, headings, what’s shown/hidden, view menu, etc), what would it have?

The Forecast view should only have items which are directly tied to a point in or period of time. Flagged items don’t qualify. However, it would be quite nice to be able to add a Calendar widget to a Perspective which should solve both issues.

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I have a today view. Which is fine. But I like having the calendar integration.

Ideally, being able to show flagged tasks starting today would be what I’m looking for.

The other solution would be to stop using daily recurring tasks in Omnifocus.

Ultimately I just want to be able to plan the big rocks of my day and week without having to make a bunch of fake due dates or wading through the recurring morning review tasks that I don’t want to see outside of my morning review perspective.

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So it sounds like you want to show flagged with deferred in the forecast view – i.e., you want to have actions with defer dates show up in the calendar view on those dates, but only if those actions are flagged. Is that right? That makes sense to me; I’m just clarifying because your topic post says you want to show “flagged without deferred,” which seems different.

I definitely feel your pain on this one. I have about 5-15 daily repeating “maintenance” tasks, and they would totally clutter up the Forecast if I had it set to display “deferred dates.” My solution has been to just hide “deferred” from the forecast, but it would be nice to see start dates for my more important tasks.

Giving the option to only show flagged deferred items could be an elegant way to handle the problem, since it would let the user pick and choose which defer dates would show up in the Forecast.

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This is exactly right. Reading the topic now, I can see how it would be confusing.

Let’s see if it’s possible to edit…