Idea: iOS to Mac/Mac to iOS messages/reminders via OmniPresence

Sending messages or notes to yourself via your iPhone to your computer when you’re not at your computer, or to your iPhone when needing to go some place, is really useful.

(I already do this, but with a combination of apps, which is really slow, or with the stock Messages app, but which requires you to quickly deselect your chat window every time, so that it doesn’t mark your message as read.)

A way to quickly send information/text (rather than solely files) in OmniPresence from your cellphone to your computer (or vice versa) would awesome.

Seems like something the stock Notes app already does well. Simplenote is another good free option if you don’t want to sync notes with iCloud.

Not as a notes app, but as an inbox app between iOS and Mac. Basically, to transfer tasks/information between devices, as well as with files.

For example, you are the store and you add ‘Research product X’ to OmniPresence, and then ‘Don’t forget Y’. You take a picture of something and send it via OmniPresence. Once you get back home, you open your computer and everything is there.

It sounds to me like you want OmniFocus and for things to end up in the inbox?

If the information sent would end up in OmniFocus instead of OmniPresence, it would be great for those who have purchased OmniFocus, but users who have purchased other of the Omni applications wouldn’t be able to benefit from this.

Essentially, a way to quickly send information/text (rather than files) in OmniPresence from your cellphone to your computer would be really useful.

There are two problems I see with that:

  • OmniGroup sell OmniFocus, I can see them wanting you to buy it.
  • We currently get OmniPresence for free. If you have hundreds of Outliner, Graffle or Project documents that’s ok - but what about when people start using it for films? Either it has to become a paid cloud storage service, or we end up with limits.

I think you’re misunderstanding my posts.

I’m just saying it would be cool to be able to sync plain text with OmniPresence (instead of only files)—as a kind of web clipper or for just simple notes for when you get back home/at your main computer.

This is exactly how I use Notes between iOS and Mac. Have you tried it since they upgraded it a year or two ago?