[IDEAS] When you use the flags in OF3?

In OF2, people used their flag mainly to mark tasks to do today. This makes no sense if you use forecast with label “today”.

I am using it for now to show relevance in the most important tasks that I have to do (not fire off).
For example in the matrix of time this would be important but not urgent. Our real objectives

And you? How do you now use the flags in OF3? :)

I’m using flags for things to do today. I’m using a forecast tag for high priority items.

Forecast view - items with due dates (which are hard deadlines), forecast tag items, plus my calendar events

Custom agenda view - flagged and due soon - an overall list of things to do today. Flagged can be items I can try to do today, but aren’t necessarily “due”.

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My system hasn’t completely shaken out yet since the arrival of tags, but what seems to be working well for me is saving flags as a sort of generic pay-special-attention-to-this indicator separate from any more explicitly specified tags.


Either flags will disappear one day or we will have more options to choose flags with different colours.

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I use them as high priority markers. Most of my tag-based perspectives sort by Flagged, which nicely bumps flagged tasks to the top of tag groups (while otherwise maintaining Project Order).


My system is basically identical to Matt78. I use the flag for today. I use the forecast tag for things that are timely.

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Same here, every morning i flag the things i want to get done that day and so i just have to look into my toady-perspectives for the rest of my day. The today-tag i use for urgency without a specific due date. That’s why my today-tag literally is called “ASAP”. What i really like on this approach is, that you choose every day what you want to work on and don’t let your day be driven by your to do list.


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