Identifying aged items in OF v3 Pro (Mac)


Hello… I am looking for a script for doing the following:

Step 1: Search my OF database for tasks that are available.
Step 2: Identify the date that each task became available
Step 3: If the date that a task became available is greater than 30 days from the current date, add a tag “Aged” to the task.

I am a very bad Java coder and I can sort of hack up a simp;e apple script, but I need some help. I am not sure how I can get the properties of a task in Omnifocus to determine the date that a task become available, or how to count the number of tasks into a variable and then iterate around the query for each task.

Can someone please give me a bit of a starting point rather than me starting with a blank page?

Is there a scripting manual for omnifocus somewhere? I just can’t seem to find anything that gives me a way in to creating code with omnifocus without some sort of manual on libraries available.