Ignore Empty Projects in Review

Is it possible to make the regular review cycle ignore empty projects? I’m constantly adding things to, and completing things in projects, but more so on some projects vs others.

I find myself wasting time during a review cycle with Omnifocus surfacing empty projects that really have no items to review, but there’s no reason to close the project.


Are you aware that it is possible to change the review-interval on a per-project-basis?

Maybe those projects you don’t want to see that regularly need a longer interval so they show up less often for you to review.

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Well, this really just masks the issue. It will indeed be less wasted time, but still a distraction non the less.

Sorry, but at the moment, I don’t believe OmniFocus has a way to hide empty projects in Review. It’s possible, after all, that an empty project needs more tasks added to it!

If this is hindering your workflow, please let us know via email.

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I agree with @vloris

Changing the review cycle really works. For projects that don’t really change a lot, a longer review cycle is appropriate. Projects that need to be closely monitored and have a lot of changes will have a shorter review cycle.

If a project is empty then the questions needs to be asked “what’s the next action?” Is there anything new I need to do? If nothing then I just hit command shift R and move on.

If you don’t review these empty projects, you might just miss something.

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If you set the review interval to 20 years, you won’t see the empty project again.

If you want to review empty projects at a later time, use the Stalled Projects AppleScript to find all projects with no remaining actions.

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