I'm a Windows/iOS user looking for a way to write up projects/task lists and import into OmniFocus

I’ve found that I’m limiting the amount I’m plugging in to omnifocus because of my lack of a traditional, pc style keyboard input. I’ve tried using a bluetooth keyboard, but that never felt right. Is there a way I can type up the tasks in a project on my pc with a text editor and then import the file into Omnifocus on iOS?

use taskpaper syntax


The only real way I made a hardware keyboard work for me on iPad was to get the Apple Smart Keyboard (picked it up second hand for my iPad Pro 9.7”) it was a game changer.

I always had a keyboard with me, it was always charged and it was ok as an actual keyboard, if a little small. Reliability was a problem on that model though but Apple swapped it out twice after it failed.

Unfortunately the only thing that’s stopping me buying one for my 12.9” iPad Pro is the cost at £200, but i’m Keeping an eye out for a second hand one at a reasonable price

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