I'm right handed and scrolling in OF3 for IOS interferes with task's circles and checks them off

This is a silly thing, but I wonder if I am the only one having this UI issue in OF for IOS.

I am right handed, and usually hold my phone with my right hand to scroll up and down the screen with my right thumb.

The thing is, the coloured circles at the end of each task in OF for IOS are also in the right edge of the screen, so when scrolling up and down, my thumb is going over these circles. Once in a while, I check inadvertently one of these tsk circles as if I did check the task complete, whithout even noticing which task it was.
Fortunately, there is an undo button to recover it when I see that a task did dissapear.

I don’t know it this would take a single line of code or a thousand, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could choose whether we want the task circles on the right or left end of each task to fit our hand ergonomics?

Anyone has had and solved this nuisance before?

I’m running the OF4beta and mine are on the left (where I want them), and I don’t see an option to move them to left-edge or right-edge. (I know this doesn’t directly help your query.)

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Thank you. I wonder what parameter governs this behavior. I just got an answer from OF support confirming there’s not such option.