Image rendering in 7.11 versions of omnigraffle is poor quality

I paste screenshot of same *.png image added in a powerpoint slide and in omnigraffle canvas. Since 7.11 the omnigraffle rendering for the images is exceptionally poor. Would you fix it back as it were before 7.11?

I’m just hoping that this image upload does not convert the screenshots and change the resolution…

Here is the comparison, in where in both applications original image is of same size (same width in the application) and with same scaling (100%).

This is very easy to replicate, so please try yourself.

If you are using a non-retina display, this is a know issue and will impact display only. Sorry for the trouble.

It’s actually not restricted to non-retina displays but it is a lot worse there. It also affects the great “copy as PDF” feature that has always been a great way of copying assets, keeping vector properties etc.

I see improvement across the latest test builds, but unfortunately the improvments in performance come at a high cost right now. Right now, sticking with v7.8.2 is the only way to go if you want good image rendering. It’s the only older version you can download currently.

I hope future versions will find a way of performance improvements that are not at the cost of rendering images. Omnigraffle for me has no alternative! <3

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Surely, I did have a non-retina display (Dual 27" 2560 x 1440 setup) and as suggested situation improves with laptop’s native retina display. I noticed that the feature does not impact export.

Omnigraffle is a great software I would hate to depart. But I will expect high visual quality at all resolutions. Previous versions of the software had no problems. Maybe this “feature” got past the quality inspection too easily.

I’m hoping that you will be able to tell us that the correction to this “feature” is scheduled to be released in 7.11.x version which is due … in September 2019?

Ps. have you noticed that there is a problem of rendering *.svg images inserted on canvas. It is completely broken. Try inserting for instance to a canvas.

Add me to the WTF list. I think this issue should be addressed. Images looked great before. I upgraded and was disturbed by this. The biggest problem is doing on scree reviews with colleagues. Just ignore the image is not a way to start a presentation.

The SVG issue is unrelated to any image changes and unfortunately is a pre-existing issue that goes back through previous versions. Specifically the issue is the gradient fills are importing as black. Recommend printing this as a PDF from the browser and placing it as a workaround, or specifying a fill that isn’t a gradient in paths where fill:url(#linearGradient). I will make sure this cases is added to that bug report.

Whenever an issue is impacting your workflow, please feel free to send us email from Contact Omni. Each email we get is tracked and helps escalate the problems that are most impacting people. I have reported your feedback, and anyone else impacted should please email us to be sure your opinion is relayed to the team for prioritization.

I just spent 250 on OmniGraffle Pro, only to find that ALL images (jpg, png, etc.) look like SHIT.

Long standing issue?? Fix it. This is terrible. Retina, non retina, doesn’t matter.

Don’t make me ask for a refund.

Feel free to reach out to our support team from Contact Omni and request OmniGraffle 7.10.2 which doesn’t have image tiling. This issue has been reported, and when a fix is ready it will show at in the notes so you can know it is a good time to try a newer version. Sorry for the trouble. This isn’t a long standing issue or our intent, but a problem introduced by performance improvements.